Individual Dreamwork Consultations

Do you have a dream you would like to explore? Maybe you are curious about what message it is trying to bring you? You can meet with me individually for 60 or 90 minute increments to explore your dream material. If this is your first time, I would recommend at least 60 minutes.

What is dreamwork?

This process is both an embodied/experiential practice and a symbolic exploration, where I act as a guide while we co-explore dream material together. These sessions are outside of the practice of therapy and are meant to be time limited and focused on exploring and understanding the deeper meanings and messages from your unconscious dreaming mind. While this process can be therapeutic and is trauma informed, it is not therapy and should not be considered a replacement for therapy services.

What should I expect?

The dreamer is relaxed into a hypnagogic state (the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep). This state is similar to a meditative state and will often begin with helping the dreamer relax and set aside thoughts and feelings that are not relevant to the experience. They are then guided back into their dream and asked to explore their dream from multiple perspectives—their own and those of the images and characters in the dream. The dreamer will be assisted in noticing in their body, where they most strongly feel the sensations and emotions of the images and encouraged to anchor these states within the body to be revisited and integrated as part of their waking life. After this exploration, the dreamer and guide may also explore the material making connections to their daily life and/or explore important symbols the dreamer noticed throughout the exploratory process.

Though dreamwork is often experienced as soothing, empowering, and transformative, this process may evoke uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, and loneliness. It may also bring up unpleasant/unwanted memories of the past for further examination. The dreamer may opt out of the exploration at any time, as the experience is adjusted to their comfort level and is self-led.

In order to engage with dream material, you will want to keep a dream journal to keep track of your dreams for the sessions. 

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“If we pay attention to our dreams, instead of living in a cold, impersonal world of meaningless chance, we may begin to emerge into a world of our own, full of important and secretly ordered events.” — Marie-Louise von Franz 

*Please note, if you live in the state of Oklahoma and are interested in utilizing dreamwork in psychotherapy, that is an option if I have availability.